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Dear OPENurses Members,

We're thrilled to announce that we have a booth Weds-Fri at the esteemed 2023 Psychedelic Science Conference, and we're inviting you to be an essential part of this exciting endeavor. This is a fantastic opportunity to not only represent the Organization of Psychedelic and Entheogenic Nurses, but also to engage with a vibrant community passionate about psychedelic science.

As a volunteer, you will be the face of OPENurses at our booth, providing information, sharing our mission, and interacting with conference attendees. This is your chance to network with like-minded individuals, health care professionals, scientists, researchers, and so many more in the psychedelic field, fostering connections that could open up exciting avenues for your personal and professional growth.

We understand that the success of our booth greatly depends on the dedication and professionalism of our volunteers. As such, we kindly ask that you honor your commitment to your chosen shifts, and approach each interaction with the professionalism and passion that exemplify OPENurses.

We trust that you will be present, engaged, and dedicated during your shifts, ensuring that our presence at the 2023 Psychedelic Science Conference is a resounding success. Let's show the psychedelic community the essential role that nurses play in this field.

To volunteer, please sign up for 3-hour shifts on the SignUp Genius form linked here. Remember, your time and effort greatly contribute to promoting the importance of OPENurses and our mission in the wider psychedelic community.

We look forward to your enthusiastic participation!

The OPENurses Founders

PS: If you still have not obtained a ticket,
you can use the discount code SPEAK15, for 15% off.
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